eNViouS Crew

The eNViouS graffiti crew was formed in 2012 by the founding members Nausea, Mr. Copy, Soak and Snare in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The main motivation for the crew is having fun, creating art and making people happy through our work. We all nurture personal friendship and try to paint together as much as possible. We all came from illegal graffiti and today focus on legal work, while almost all of us make a living from art.

In 2013 BeNeR1 from Hannover, Germany joined forces after meeting Naus and painting with him in South Africa. They initally connected on many levels and wanted to push the crew and their ideals internationally.
2016 unikat-colors invited Naus for a big mural project in Remscheid and that way he became a member of our crew. KOarts from Hannover was a logical addition to our circle cause he was friends with most of us for a while and was a perfect addition to our crew with his airbrush and calligraphy skills. The latest member Dekor from South Africa joined in 2017.

The idea behind the name is that other writers envy our skills and hate on us cause we just too good for them. This might sound cocky, but in the ego driven graffiti world it is simply a statement full of confidence in our skills and style.
As graffiti crews often use several explanations for their short form, we also have a few more abbreviations. “Nasty VandalS” – “Not Very Sober” – “Never Very Satisfied”, to name a few.

Through the internet we found another NVS crew based in the United States. We connected and realized our principles are very similar. We have become good friends ever since and united our members under the “NVS FAM” hood.