Crazy Nausea

I am 25 years old. I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng and currently as my occupation I am a full time Designer, Muralist & Sign writer also I’m a proud member of the “Envious Crew (NVS)”.
My passion has always being creating art – no matter the form it took on my love of creating is what has pushed me to pursue this graffiti / mural lifestyle I have today. I always felt that this art form has a strong voice, powerful presence and an interaction with the viewer like no other. I personally come from an illustration background, my foundation into art has been with character designs and through that my style evolved into graffiti. Now I’m versatile in all forms and am a “Jack of all Trades” in the true sense.
Being heavily influenced as a kid by the Hip Hop Culture, it ultimately was my destiny to do graffiti and use it as a platform to create my work. That, with the smell of the paint fumes and the challenge of creating fine, clean detailed artworks with just a spray can changed my life as it is truly an art form of the streets and should be shared with the public and all that interact with it. With this in mind my goal is to uplift and inspire instead of vandalize and destruct. I aim to motivate other artists and inspire next generations, so as graffiti is a movement – my movement is to change the negative perception graffiti has on itself and instead promote a positive perspective on the issue to show what graffiti as an art form has to offer.